“Big, ambitious, generally impressive.”

“Takes classical instruments and pushes them to new levels…. Highlights talents becoming rarer and rarer to find in modern music.”


Kudos to Miracles of Modern Science for not sounding like any other band out there right now, a truly impressive feat in our current trend-driven indie climate.”

Consequence of Sound

Don’t mistake this band for something wimpy, just because it’s composed of chamber instruments. The mix of violin, cello, and stand-up bass combined with mandolin and drums fosters some serious power.”

New York Times

“‘MOMS AWAY!’ makes me want to, like, run around in a field screaming. I love that song!


One of the Top 100 Songs of 2011!


Don’t retire that “Best of 2011” list just yet. Nutso Brooklyn indie-experimentalists Miracles of Modern Science have just unloaded a “Must Hear” on our unsuspecting asses.”

Paste Magazine

One of the “25 Must-Hear Artists” from the 2009 CMJ Music Marathon.


One of the Best Bands of NYC in 2010.

The Deli

“There is something infectiously awesome about MOMS.”


Exuberant chamber pop … that waxes and wanes with elaborate, rocky energy.”


“Their music is clever and catchy and not really pretentious despite all that goddamn science and orchestral stuff they’re throwing in our face.”

Brooklyn Vegan